Whether you market for an extensive list of clients or focus on a few core brands, CompEat is a tool that should always be in your kit.

Save tons of time and money on detailed competitive analyses that would normally only be available to the large teams of people held by larger businesses, through an affordable and scalable tool that offers everything a large team can.

CompEat provides the ideal platform for businesses to take better control over their social marketing efforts on Facebook thanks to an intuitive interface that makes it accessible to everyone.

This tool’s simplicity doesn’t detract from its powerful functionality, however, providing businesses with marketing data that would normally only be available to larger companies with extensive marketing teams.

bolster your brand

With compeat

  • Get insights into competitor marketing performance in minutes.
  • Affordable, scalable packages ensure you only pay for the usage you need.
  • Achieve marketing goals even with limited knowledge of social media marketing.
  • Keep marketing budgets low by handling it yourself.
  • Stay ahead of competitors with ease thanks to readily available, real-time insights on their marketing performance.


Take your agency to new heights and give your clients the attention to detail that they deserve. Sign up for one of our CompEat packages today, or get in contact with one of our representatives for details.