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Whether you market for an extensive list of clients or focus on a few core brands, CompEat Instagram & Facebook Analytics Report is a tool that should always be in your kit.

Take campaigns of all types to new heights by making honed decisions about campaigns that are based on real-time, accurate, and insightful information about their competitors.

Simple and intuitive to use but incredibly powerful, CompEat provides you with real-time data about the efforts and performance of competitor Facebook marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes.

This allows for a more flexible and information-driven approach to Facebook marketing that benefits each and every one of your customers, at prices and packages that can be scaled to your needs.

Do you only work with a small group of clients? CompEat offers packages that allows you to audit smaller amounts of analyses at less of a cost.

Are you looking for a solution that let’s you analyse for numerous clients, we have scalable packages for that too.



  • Give your clients more value with detailed competitive analyses.
  • Employ marketing strategies that are developed using real-time, accurate information about competitors.
  • Find out who your clients should be advertising to, and what they want from your content.
  • Benefit from scalable packages that fit the needs and capacity of your campaigns.
  • Conduct fully detailed competitive analyses in minutes, and without needing to hire researchers for the job.


Take your agency to new heights and give your clients the attention to detail that they deserve. Sign up for one of our CompEat packages today, or get in contact with one of our representatives for details.