CompEat is a Facebook performance measuring tool that provides its subscribers with a comprehensive and simple to use tool for conducting competitive analyses of competitor Facebook business pages, their performance, and their reach.

If you are looking for a powerful tool that simplifies your approach on Facebook performance measurement, then CompEat is the perfect tool for your brand.

But what is CompEat? how does it work? And how can your business benefit from subscribing to this powerful tool?

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We help you make the most of your Facebook marketing campaigns by providing you with a fast, reliable, and simplified way to measure the performance of your Facebook campaign and posts against those of your competitors, with real-time, data-driven reports that highlight the strengths and weaknesses between your page and your competitor’s.


This in turn lets your brand make meaningful adjustments to your campaign that are driven by quantifiable data that improve the performance of your campaigns in the face of anything your competitors are doing.


This Facebook performance measuring tool lets you make direct comparisons between your Facebook marketing campaigns and your competitor’s. It provides you with detailed insights and reports about the health and performance of your campaigns and compares this data with what your competitors are doing.

Included in this information are metrics about post engagements and frequency, Facebook audiences, and the performance and quality of Facebook posts.

FB Post Quality & Frequency

Find out more about post activity and effectiveness between your Facebook page and your competitor’s. This will provide you with detailed insights about the amount and quality of daily and weekly posts, their consistency, relevance, and links.

Post Engagement

Spot elements in your posts that improve audience interactions and compare them to what your competitors are doing. This will provide you with detailed information about the engagement received by each post, as well as the overall campaign, and how your posts are being shared.

Facebook Audiences

Who are the people interacting with your Facebook marketing campaigns and posts? How do they behave, and how are they interacting with elements of your campaign? Here you will find information that compares your audience to your competitors, with insights about who they are, how they behave, which posts they interact most with, and why.

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With compeat

CompEat allows your business to make meaningful result-driven decisions and adjustments to your Facebook marketing campaigns that are based on data-driven insights and reports.

Our Facebook performance measuring tool ensures that your business can take advantage of everything that Facebook marketing has to offer, with competitive and flexible pricing, and insights that consistently keep you in front of your competitors.



If you would like to know more about our comprehensive Facebook performance measuring tool, be sure to get in contact with a representative from CompEat today, or sign up for one of our packages here.