Agencies and marketers have gotten used to the constant changes in the digital marketing landscape. The recent Facebook announcement that they will be retiring the Facebook Analytics function as of June 30 2021 is just another example of this.

This particular example means that businesses will need to juggle various paid tools to continue measuring and reporting on the performance of Facebook campaigns, using the Facebook Business suite, Ads Manager, and Events Manager simultaneously.

This presents several challenges. Adapting to new systems, moving between tools, and extending the time, cost, and effort involved in generating meaningful performance reports.

This opens several avenues for avoidable mistakes to be made, will raise the cost of marketing on Facebook, and may even limit the value and detail of insights given.

This has led many marketers to look for third-party tools to fill the gap, but these are generally honed on a single function, such as reporting on specific insights, and come at a cost, particularly when used in conjunction with other paid tools.

CompEat Social Analytics, a powerful and flexible Facebook competitor analytics tool, simplifies the process, collates numerous key reporting functions, and lowers the overall cost of gathering metrics, in several ways.

Let’s explore them in further detail:


CompEat Social Analytics is a powerful Facebook marketing measurement tool that primarily functions to provide seamless, inexpensive, and detailed competitive analyses of Facebook business pages. To do this, the tool collates a wealth of insights that can be gleaned from your Facebook pages, and that of your competitors’, in minutes.

This information is related to the performance of Facebook campaigns, the reach that posts are achieving, who makes up target audiences, how they are engaging with posts, and a lot more.

This turnkey Facebook competitor analysis tool will then generate a detailed report of real-time data that stacks your performance up against your competitors.


In order to perform this function, CompEat Social Analytics works as a powerful analytics and reporting tool, which is great news for those who have been reliant on the soon-to-be-retired Facebook Analytics tool.

It combines the exceptional functionality of several key tools used to develop[ metrics for social campaign performance into a single, easy-to-read, detailed report that covers all aspects of the business page’s performance.

As a tool for simple analytics and reporting, few others provide the wealth of useable insights that CompEat does.

As such, marketers often have to use multiple tools, all with somewhat limited functionality and associated costs, at once, to achieve the same ends.

This naturally gets overly complicated, and drives the cost of social media management up significantly, even for the simplest of reports.

One key function to CompEat Social Analytics, is that it does the same thing as a combination of all these tools, provides comparatively more useful data, and collates the cost of doing it all through one tool, and one tool only.

Furthermore, the tool generates the reports in minutes.

Instead of manually putting the insights together, checking their accuracy and tailoring reports to their clients, marketers can get everything they need for reports and measurements in moments, and at the click of a button.

Your agency knows that time is money, and our tool ensures that you make significant savings on both.


CompEat Social Analytics shines through in its primary operation, which is to create a simple and cost-effective way for Facebook campaign managers to conduct competitor analyses that tell them everything they need to know to make competitive adjustments to their campaigns, in mere moments.

Normally, competitive analyses take an extreme amount of time, money, and personnel to be conducted properly, which is unfortunately out of reach for a lot of marketing agencies or businesses managing their own marketing.

But a competitive analysis gives any brand a significant advantage, allowing them to model their marketing approach in a way that outshines the competition, by improving on what they are doing.

So, by having a powerful Facebook competitive analysis tool in your utility belt, you can reap the benefits of detailed analyses that come in much less time, with the involvement of far fewer personnel, and naturally, at less of an expense to your business.

What CompEat does is stack your Facebook business page up against your competitors’ so that you can draw a direct comparison between your campaigns and theirs. The tool provides detailed, comparative metrics about posts, their frequency, engagement, and reach, who is being marketed to, and how these variables add up to an overall, successful Facebook marketing campaign.

This information is presented intuitively, so that it can be used by marketers to make meaningful adjustments to their campaigns, in less time and with a more detailed roadmap.

What better way is there for your business to get ahead of the curve?


If you would like to know more about how CompEat Social Analytics can enhance your social media campaigns while saving your business time and money, be sure visit our website for additional information.