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CompEat Social Analytics In today’s digital age, social media has become an indispensable tool for individuals and businesses alike. It offers an unprecedented platform

January Trends

[thumbnail] • Twitter has rolled out View Count, which indicates the number of times a tweet’s been seen. This may serve as evidence that

Try out the polls on WhatsApp, it’s pretty cool 😀.

[thumbnail] WhatsApp has introduced polls in chats for Android and iOS users. The polls option is not yet available for WhatsApp Web. Individual and

October Trends

[thumbnail]   TikTok has introduced various improved creation and editing tools to broaden the scope of what’s possible with content. These editing tools enable

September Social Media trends

[thumbnail] TikTok has added more than a half-dozen mini-games to its UK and US apps. This initiative includes nine games that can be added

August Trends

[thumbnail] • Instagram has announced that business accounts can now boost their reels, turn them into ads, reach more customers, and increase engagement. Boosted

Learn How Brands Use Humor To Promote Engagement

[thumbnail] • According to research by Duke University, brands that use clever and witty humor on social media have increased brand attitude and engagement.

Want to know the best and worst days to post on social media?

[thumbnail] • Twitter has announced that it is working on an edit option (finally!) and the functionality will allow users to check what changes

Learn More About Present & Future Features For Social Media!

[thumbnail] • TikTok is beginning to allow users to upload videos up to 10 minutes in length. The existing limit is three minutes. The