Agencies managing multiple marketing campaigns at once need a solution that is not only streamlined but bursting with insights that can be acted on.

Whether you’re an enterprise advertising agency or a small firm with a collection of personal clients, CompEat offers you a fully scalable solution that makes getting ahead of the competition a simple matter.

Compare multiple brands with their competitors at flexible rates that work with the capacity and complexity of your marketing agency, no matter how big your client-base is.

Give your clients a competitive edge with real-time data about what their competitors are doing (and what they haven’t been doing), that allows you to make meaningful, brand growing actions on their campaigns.



  • Conduct personalised Facebook competitive analyses for each of your clients.
  • Improve your approach to social media marketing by seeing exactly what your competitors are doing.
  • Scale costs depending on your needs and how many clients you manage at once.
  • Receive full competitive analyses ain a matter of minutes for quick action on client accounts.
  • Use insights from CompEat to refine your social marketing, audiences, and strategies for each industry you work with.
  • Be adaptable and make information-driven decisions that allow for flexible marketing approaches.


Take your agency to new heights and give your clients the attention to detail that they deserve. Sign up for one of our CompEat packages today, or get in contact with one of our representatives for details.