Facebook has revolutionised the way in which we do business. Gathering useful information about the performance of your business, as well as that of your competitors, is no longer the tedious hassle that it used to be. Now, with a few simple clicks of a button, all this information can be at your fingertips. Not only putting you in a better position in terms of your own business insights, but it will also position you well with information regarding your competitors.

What are the Benefits of a Facebook Competitive Analysis Tools?

Many tools are available to assist with your Facebook marketing but CompEat has the Facebook Competitive Analytics Tool for you. Contact their offices today to find out more about the specifications of their product and how to sign up.

With a Facebook competitive analysis tool, the information is typically gathered in real-time and will give you key comparative insights into aspects like posts, reach, engagement, and your audience’s behaviour as well as post-performance insights.

Detailed insights about the effective performance of your social media campaigns can be gathered and compared to the performance and activity of your competitor. These tools are widely used and make it easy to be able to see how effectively your posts are being engaged with and their reach.

It allows you to be able to track your performance and manage how to strike a comfortable balance in terms of how much to post to achieve your goals. The information gathered about your posts will be gathered daily and delivered to you in a statistical report for you to see the changes.

These daily posts will assist you in becoming well-known among your audience, giving you the edge of being consistent in your reach, authoritative and relevant.

With the insights gathered, you will be able to create content that is helpful, interesting, and entertaining, making you more relevant and eye-catching to your audience.

The tool also assists in identifying the aspects of your posts that prompt your audience to take action. You aim to have as many comments, shares, likes, and reactions as possible from your audience. Increases in your engagement equate to people having seen your posts and content, and you will want to be at the forefront of their minds.

Understanding your engagement rate:

Understanding your engagement rate will allow you to determine just how meaningfully your audience has interacted with your posts and content, and how interested they are, in relation to the ratio of followers that you have.

The tool also allows you to be able to determine the number of shares that you have had per post. Shares are vital in that they assist you in becoming known, and increase your reach beyond just that of your direct audience, but also to potential audience members, who very well may have an interest in your content. The best people to market your business in this way are your audience, so it is important to consider relevant content that even your audience’s connections may find interesting.

There is also valuable information to be gathered about the very audience who likes, comments, and shares your posts. You’ll be able to determine exactly which posts they are interacting more with, just who they are, what they like and are interested in, as well as how they behave.

These facebook tools will greatly assist you in gathering all the information that you need to then optimise your posts and campaigns to put you in the best, most authoritative, position in relation to your competitors.

Competitive Analysis Tools used for Facebook will save you greatly in time. This information typically will come in the form of a detailed report and can be requested with ease from the comfort of your computer. With all this information at your fingertips, without having to do your own research to find out these useful insights, it is a saving in time that will allow you to spend more time optimising your campaigns, content, and posts.

CompEat is the developers of a Facebook Competitive Analytics Tool of their own. Tailored to your needs, they have the product that is right for you. Their friendly consultants are on standby and will assist with any questions that you may have. Contact CompEat today for more information and to sign up.