What is CompEat?

CompEat is a Facebook Competitive analysis tool and Facebook Analytics Tool that provides real-time, data-driven insights about crucial aspects of your and your competitor’s Facebook pages like post performance, engagement, and audiences. CompEat also offers full Facebook Analytics to all of your paid ads on Facebook.

Who can benefit from using CompEat?

CompEat helps businesses make the most of their Facebook marketing campaigns by comparing their Facebook campaigns and posts to those of their competitors and our in-depth Facebook Analytics insights allows businesses to improve on marketing campaigns by carefully analysis paid ad stats. If you’re a marketer with several clients, this Facebook competitor tool will streamline your reporting and provide additional resources to optimise your clients’ campaigns. Similarly, agencies can benefit from CompEat’s scalable solutions to get a competitive edge in their industry and for their clients.

For businesses

Learn about your competitors’ marketing performance in minutes with affordable, scalable packages that ensure you only pay for the services you require. This helps you achieve your marketing objectives even if you’re not a social media expert. As a result, you can handle your own marketing and maintain a reasonable budget. In addition, you stay one step ahead of your competitors with easy-to-access, real-time insights into their marketing performance.

For marketers

With detailed competitive analysis and Facebook Analytics, you can add more value to your clients and create marketing strategies based on real-time, accurate information. CompEat also allows you to determine who your clients should advertise to and what they expect from your content. Again, you benefit from scalable packages tailored to your campaigns’ needs and capacity. In addition, you can manage costs by conducting fully detailed competitive analyses in minutes without hiring researchers.

For agencies

Perform individualised Facebook competitive analyses for each of your clients to improve your social media marketing strategy with insights into your competitors’ actions. With the Facebook Analytics Tool you receive a full fledged reporting for every client. Since CompEat can be scaled on your needs and number of clients, you can manage the costs. In addition, the complete real-time competitive analyses allow you to immediately action changes on client accounts and fine-tune each industry’s social marketing, audiences, and strategies with CompEat insights.

How much does CompEat cost?








What are the differences between the pricing plans?

The Starter Pack allows you to add up to four competitors. Top Up ensures you can add up to nine competitors. The Enterprise option can be customised for companies that need to compare more than ten competitors and offer unlimited monthly scheduled reports.

What does CompEat Facebook competitive analysis entail?

CompEat streamlines the process of producing comprehensive, detailed, and data-driven competitive analyses that compare your Facebook pages to those of your competitors in minutes. This report compares your pages, posts, audiences, engagements, reach, and other factors.

What does CompEat analytical reporting provide?

CompEat’s analytical reporting takes your Facebook reporting to the next level by identifying where you can improve Facebook ad campaigns and how to optimise your campaign budgets.